Five Best Shows On Television

Because I love writing lists, and I have nothing else to do right now…here are what I deem to be the five best shows on television.

1. The Big Bang Theory

I’ll admit that I had zero interest in this show until one evening I was stuck on the couch, couldn’t find the remote control, and this is what came on TBS. It took me about five minutes to fall completely in love. With the bromance between Howard and Raj, and the nonstop hilarity that is Sheldon Cooper, you really can’t go wrong.

2. Family Guy

This show is not politically correct and the jokes range from crude to cringe-worthy. Nothing is sacred–not gender, race, or religion. I still laugh. Perhaps that’s a dirty little secret I should keep to myself but…well, I have a big mouth.

3. Dance Moms

I tell myself it’s good to watch a show like this. Experiencing that much cattiness (even second hand) will surely curb my own tendencies. How much backstabbing cruelty can one endure before you eventually start thinking, ‘Why can’t we all just get along?’

That’s typically my attitude at the conclusion of an episode. I watch these mothers fight for their children, with their children…with other mothers, with the instructor, with former instructors. Every one of these women has more ambition than their offspring and push, push, push those kids to work harder, do better, and somehow impress Miss Abby (who really only likes one of them).

Yeah. Dance Mom’s makes me a better human being.

4. Scandal

It’s hard to relate to anyone as beautiful as Kerry Washington, but Olivia Pope has just the right amount of flaws. She’s strong and capable, yet also wounded and vulnerable. Though the setting is interesting and the plot thrilling, it is this character that makes me DVR.

5. Sister Wives

I wish I could tell you why I am compelled to watch this show. Why I’m disappointed for the end of every season. Why I wait to watch the recording until the kids are in bed so I can actually listen to it. But I can’t. There’s just something there, in the dynamics of those relationships, that keeps me tuning in.

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