Best Christmas Songs

I do a lot of driving. I work across town, my kids go to three separate schools, and I can never manage to buy more than a few days worth of groceries at a time. I spend at least two hours in my car every day. On Black Friday, most of the radio stations started playing Christmas songs. Though I work in retail (and therefore listen to it in eight hours stretches several times a week), I do like holiday music. It’s festive and heartwarming. It puts me in a better mood, makes it easy to fully absorb the spirit of the season. Unlike standard radio, I know all the words to these timeless songs. I know the rhythm. I know every pause… typically.

I don’t know when celebrities decided to butcher my beloved music, but I really wish they’d stop. Though my preprogrammed stations typically play only the classics, they do occasionally throw me a curve–in the form of some diva who disfigures the notes until I no longer recognize my favorites.

It reminds me of the national anthem at baseball games. The music is familiar, but wait…is that single note supposed to last for THREE FREAKING MINUTES?! Uh, no. If you can’t sing it the way it’s written, please just refrain from singing it at all. Please? You don’t need to leave your mark on this piece. I believe you have excellent range. Don’t eviscerate my music to prove it.

There are exceptions to this, of course. Though I loved John Lennon’s Imagine, I liked what Perfect Circle did to it. Trans Siberian Orchestra created an awesome arrangement of Carol of the Bells. Beyond that, well…I’m open to suggestions, but I’m not optimistic. I like the songs sung when I was a kid, the ones my father played for us while we decorated the tree.

What follows are my favorites (in no particular order). I’ll give you both title and artist, as I’ve found artist to be especially important.

1. Carol of the Bells – either Trans Siberian Orchestra or John Williams version

2. White Christmas – Louis Armstrong (though, come on, ANYTHING that man sang is worth listening to)

3. The Christmas Song – Nat King Cole (ditto)

4. O Holy Night – Josh Groban

5. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas – The Carpenters

6. Jingle Bell Rock – Bobby Helms

7. Canon – Pachelbel

8. I’ll Be Home For Christmas – Frank Sinatra

9. Let it Snow – Dean Martin

10. So This Is Christmas – John Lennon

Because I’m too lazy to post links here, I’ll just suggest you look them up and enjoy!

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6 Responses to Best Christmas Songs

  1. datmama4 says:

    I am right there with you! I want to hear “Baby It’s Cold Outside” sung by Al Hirt & Ann Margaret, “Santa Baby” should ONLY be done by Eartha Kitt, and most of my favorites are from the Rat Pack era. Keep that other crap out of my ears.

    Don’t even get me started on the National Anthem. Didn’t improper singing of it used to be punishable by law, or am I remembering my history incorrectly?

    • My “favorite” (insert snarky sarcastic tone here) is when they “forget” the words to the National Anthem. I don’t know if it was ever punishable by law, but it certainly should be!!!

      • datmama4 says:

        I’ve sung the National Anthem many times (it gets you free tickets to hockey games and Nascar races, don’t ya know) and have had people approach me afterward to thank me for singing it “straight up.” People don’t want to hear that blather. They’re at the event for the event, not for the Anthem. I have no illusions that someone’s going to hear me and instantly sign me for a recording contract. They’re there to see a hockey fight. I mean, game.

      • elletodd says:

        They do forget the words sometimes, don’t they? Shows you just how far up on their list of priorities it is to honor our National Anthem!

    • elletodd says:

      I knew I was forgetting at least a couple. Yes! Eartha Kitt and Santa Baby! I’m looking up the other…

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