It’s Coming…


A week from now, Easter 2014 will have arrived, with all the pastel sweetness we’ve come to expect from the commercialization of this holiday. Are you ready?

Me either.

Have I mentioned lately that I work in retail? No? Fabulous. I work in retail. Because of that, I’m already blinded by the pre-filled baskets, shiny plastic eggs, and miscellaneous paraphernalia of The Bunny’s return.

Supposedly, this started out as a religious holiday. In the retail world, little evidence remains. The focus is on gift-giving, dying eggs, and filling the perfect basket. Much as I mock the tradition, I will–at some point this week–subject myself to a round of shopping. I’ll get the plastic grass that will linger in remote corners of my house for months to come. I will stuff candy into eggs, and “hide” them where a four year old is capable of finding them. I will arrange a basket to showcase the gifts inside.

We don’t just do candy! How archaic! No, there must be gift cards and toys. Maybe a bubble wand or a package of pastel chalk off to the side, a large solid milk chocolate bunny front and center, some jelly beans (although no one ever eats them).

I will decorate this basket until the wee hours of the morn, stressing over placement, before I finally wrap the whole thing in a colorful cellophane shell that will be ripped to shreds in seconds. Then, I’ll hurry back to bed for a quick hour of sleep before it’s time to “celebrate.”

I am, honestly, disgusted with myself. This knowledge changes nothing…and that kind of disgusts me, too. I comfort myself with the knowledge that I will first take the time to be thankful. To reflect on the true spirit of the holiday. To celebrate in more than a superficial, monetary way.

Then, and only then, will I sicken myself with chocolate.

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2 Responses to It’s Coming…

  1. datmama4 says:

    I would imagine it’s difficult for you to get away from all the commercial hubbub during any holiday, major or minor. Anymore, it seems retailers use any excuse to make us feel inferior if we don’t decorate for it, buy gifts in honor of it, or some such thing.

    Easter is probably my favorite holiday because I can really celebrate the reason my life is joyful. And I don’t have to decorate, buy twenty people gifts, or anything I don’t want to do. Of course this doesn’t exempt me from eating my weight in chocolate, which both bums me out and thrills me simultaneously. (It does guarantee a nap, which is a bonus even when it originates from a sugar crash.) We kind of keep it low-key in our house, and each kid gets a basket with some candy-filled plastic eggs…yes, they’re 13, 18 and 20 and still get a kick out of looking for the eggs in the house. Still, we try our best to keep our focus away from the commercial and The Bunny.

    You are, at least, remembering to take time to be thankful, and that’s more than many people bother with. 🙂 I hope you have some relaxation in your day! Try a chocolate-induced nap. 😉

    • elletodd says:

      My youngest is four, my oldest 18. I think every “kid” appreciates the guarantee of the sugar rush from a basket…and most parents enjoy picking through them.
      Yes, a chocolate-induced nap sounds spectacular. Here’s hoping we both find time for one!

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