The Value of Ebooks

I was thinking seriously about writing my own post for this, but I couldn’t have done a better job making the same points than Jen Warren did, at The Veritable Fount. So, instead of repeating nearly everything she said, in quite probably a less organized, more erratic way, I’m simply going to share her article here:

The Veritable Fount

There’s something to be said for the instant gratification of buying a book without leaving your house, and being able to start reading it within seconds. Personally, I prefer holding a book in my hand, the satisfaction of physically turning all those wonderful pages…but I’m an impatient person willing to forego that experience if I can have it NOW.

Ebooks are terrifically convenient. Ereaders have bookmarks that never let me forget my place, search options to reference clever phrasings or dialogue. Nowadays you don’t even have to buy an expensive electronic device to enjoy them; I don’t. My laptop has apps for reading Mobi files, ePubs, and PDFs – ditto with my phone. I can read whatever I want, whenever I want.

When I first began consuming electronic books, I was over the moon for the convenience of the experience. I read everywhere, downloading books at a rate even I can’t believe…

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