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The Perks of Being a Space Cadet

When I was a kid, I used to drive my grandmother crazy playing what she liked to call the What-If Game. Basically, I’d sit by her side proposing various scenarios until she’d had enough and sent me off to play … Continue reading

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If I Stay

With few exceptions, every time I watch movie based on a novel I’ve enjoyed, I’m unable to appreciate the film. To me, the reading experience is more personal. My imagination is at work. I have the benefit of getting to … Continue reading

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This Has Nothing To Do With Anything…

Yesterday I had to buy a new tube of mascara. As often happens, I got a little lost in the make-up aisle. It’s less that I want everything as I’m constantly amazed at what’s available. Fake lashes, fake nails, eye … Continue reading

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The Value of Ebooks

Originally posted on The Veritable Fount:
There’s something to be said for the instant gratification of buying a book without leaving your house, and being able to start reading it within seconds. Personally, I prefer holding a book in my hand,…

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What Readers Wish Authors Knew

A reader I have all the respect in the world for created her own new site with a wealth of information for writers, including this feedback, given by readers, for the benefit of all writers: What Readers Wish Authors Knew. … Continue reading

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Authors and Readers

There was a thread put up recently on Goodreads that discussed the relationship–and appropriateness–of the reader-writer relationship. Though I rarely participate in online forums (scary places, those), I do stop by and skim some of the threads, just to keep myself “in … Continue reading

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A Failure of Adaptation

There’s always a risk when making a movie from a book. Let’s face it:  the choices are rarely, if ever, unknown titles. Studios pick favorites, hoping to cash in on reader loyalty. Sometimes this works (Hunger Games). Sometimes it doesn’t … Continue reading

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